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SOCIETE GENERALE Strakhovanie Zhizni LLC and SOCIETE GENERALE Strakhovanie LLC belong to Societe Generale Group, the International Financial Group, and operate in Russia under the brand «SOCIETE GENERALE Insurance».

Present in Russia since 2006 SOCIETE GENERALE Insurance specializes in banсassurance.

With years of Group’s international experience behind us we strive to provide our clients with maximum protection and insurance solutions to cater for all kind of their needs.

SOCIETE GENERALE Strakhovanie Zhizni LLC is a specialized life insurer.

  • The company was established in 2006.
  • Ranked #10 among Russian life insurance companies based on Bank of Russia data on amount of collected insurance premium as of 2016.
  • Insurance license C No. 4079 77 issued by Federal Service for Financial Markets of Russia for unlimited term.
  • SOCIETE GENERALE Strakhovanie Zhizni LLC has been accepted as a member of All-Russian Insurance Association (ARIA) on July 9th, 2013. Starting from June 5th, 2013 SOCIETE GENERALE Strakhovanie Zhizni LLC is a member of ARIA Presidium. SOCIETE GENERALE Strakhovanie Zhizni LLC is a member of "Association of European Businesses" Non-Profit Making Partnership since December 21st, 2006 as well.

SOCIETE GENERALE Strakhovanie LLC  is SOCIETE GENERALE Insurance entity entitled to provide property and personal insurance services (except life insurance).

  • The company was initially established in 1990, then reorganized (newly founded) in 1993 and was acquired by Societe Generale Group in 2007.
  • Insurance License С No.1580 77 issued by Federal Service for Financial Markets of Russia for unlimited term.
  • SOCIETE GENERALE Strakhovanie LLC preserved its membership in All-Russian Insurance Assotiation (ARIA), being legal successor of SOYUZNIK INSURANCE COMPANY (after renaming SOCIETE GENERALE Strakhovanie CJSC), accepted as ARIA member on April 7th, 1998.
  • Please be informed of the reorganization in the form of transformation of SOCIETE GENERALE Strakhovanie CJSC to SOCIETE GENERALE Strakhovanie LLC on April 15th,2013. SOCIETE GENERALE Strakhovanie LLC is a legal successor regarding all rights and obligations of SOCIETE GENERALE Strakhovanie CJSC, so policies issued by SOCIETE GENERALE Strakhovanie CJSC are valid.

Our strong points are the following:

  • client service on high standard level;
  • reliability and financial sustainability;
  • long-term international experience.

SOCIETE GENERALE Insurance worldwide in 2013:

  • one of key players of European bancassurance market;
  • present in 15 countries;
  • team of 2100 professionals all over the world
  • more than 20 rewards for professionalism and high-quality service in France and abroad.