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SOCIETE GENERALE Insurance Human Resources policy is a reflection of the company’s corporate values and culture.


Corporate values play key role in SOCIETE GENERALE Insurance.

It is crucially important for us that the Group's everyday actions are driven by shared values irrespective of position, unit or country. Our values are a vehicle of our integrity and efficiency. SOCIETE GENERALE Insurance respects individuality of each employee creating for them most comfortable working conditions, thus raising quality of services provided to the clients.

Team spirit, innovation, responsibility and commitment are the core values shared by all Societe Generale employees.

Team spirit

In our changing world, our clients want company that is a responsible, trustworthy and agile partner. As a team, we meet their needs with our service-minded approach enhanced by the diverse expertise and knowledge of all.


We strive to constantly improve our customers' experience by working together to adapt our solutions, practices and relationships to tomorrow's requirements, particularly by leveraging technological innovation. True to our entrepreneurial spirit, we are changing our ways of working by promoting sharing, experimentation and out of the box thinking. We learn from successes and failures alike.


We want to help our clients fulfill their projects' potential, while paying attention to risks in all of their aspects. Our responsibility can also be seen in our courage to be accountable for our actions and decisions and to express our opinions transparently. Last of all, it means attaching as much importance to the way we achieve results as we do to the results themselves.


 Our commitment derives from the continued satisfaction of our clients and the pride we have in our profession and our Group. Together, we strive daily to make a difference that contributes to the success of both our clients' projects and ours. We promote involvement and professional accomplishment for all. 


To provide our employees with career opportunities and ensure on-going employability, we invest heavily in innovative training programmes and promote a culture of continuous learning.


We provide business-specific training programmes tailored to each type of position and level of experience. When you work for Societe Generale you have the opportunity to attend professional promotion courses, managerial training and skills development programmes throughout your career.


Tatyana: Tatyana

- I am very proud that my career and professional qualities develop in line with the company. I came on the position of Accountant in quite a small company and now I work in a big department in the position of Deputy chief accountant.

Of course, 5 years old company is very young, all of us have plenty of new plans and projects still to come and it would be wrong to say that the phase of company establishment is over, it is still going on; new insurance products are being created, new schemes of business partner relations are being developed, laws are changing, within short time we will adopt IFRS. All of that requires knowledge and effort of every employee, so we have to live up to ever growing business requirements: study laws, practices, attend training sessions. Routine is not about SOCIETE GENERALE Insurance. We are in the process of permanent improvement and development!

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- My story starts at the time when Societe Generale Group proceeded to develop insurance business in Russia. It was back in 2006 when I was invited in the Group on the position of Chief Accountant of the recently incorporated company.

The challenge to develop a business from scratch intrigued me, as from the start it was necessary to devote a special attention to organizational and methodological aspects of this trend. Later a relevant unit was formed: Accounting and Finance Department which I manage.

Societe Generale Group and the Company have approved a business development plan which implies active contribution of the entire team to achieve new strategic goals. As a result, I obtained greater responsibility as department head since it became necessary to deal with a new level of tasks. Presently, a part of the tasks have already been resolved, however there are more new projects that we are looking forward to implement.

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- Shortly after graduation from university I came to work for SOCIETE GENERALE Insurance as Assistant of HR and Administration Department. At that time I had no experience in working in insurance or banking sector and, honestly, I had no clear idea what I would like to do professionally in the future.

From the very first day in the Company the range of my responsibilities was rather broad and diverse; I got assignments not only from my own department but also from other structural divisions of the company. Working with intense pace was often hard but always very interesting! Besides, Company management provided me with every opportunity to get information about Company’s activities outside the scope of my job responsibilities. All that helped me to choose the most attractive and interesting sphere for further self-development - marketing.

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- SOCIETE GENERALE Insurance is my first job as Business Analyst. I thought it would be hard to get used to new environment and build relationships with colleagues. However, it came out quite in reverse!

My managers and colleagues from the very beginning were very helpful. It was very important not just because I was a new employee but also because I am a foreigner!

My colleagues helped me a lot in learning Russian, now I am equally fluent in English and in Russian in my work.

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 We are looking for insurance professionals and young ambitious specialists.

In our company we welcome people with the following qualities:

  • focus on client;
  • proactive attitude;
  • orientation to self-development;
  • responsibility;
  • ability to work in a team

You can see open positions and send your curriculum vitae here.

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